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Who we are

We are a cancer drug discovery company that is disrupting the traditional approach of treating cancers based upon their tissue of origin – a paradigm that fails most cancer patients.

What we do

We apply the power of large-scale genomics and artificial intelligence to identify the genetic drivers of cancers and develop drugs to exploit their weaknesses.

How we do it

We generate massive datasets using next generation tumour systems and advanced genomic technologies. Our AI-platform has been refined and validated over the past decade to prioritise key anti-cancer targets and to genetically identify those patient groups most likely to respond to treatments developed against those targets.


Dr Mathew Garnett, CSO, Mosaic Therapeutics

Mathew Garnett, Ph.D.

Mathew brings more than 20 years of experience in cancer genomics, translational research and therapeutics to his role in MOSAIC.

Mathew is Head of the Translational Cancer Genomics Laboratory at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. His cutting edge research generates and integrates large-scale multi-dimensional genomic, pharmacological and genetic screening datasets to drive the discovery of new therapeutic biomarkers and drug targets. Furthermore, Mathew has pioneered the derivation and use of 3D patient-derived organoid cultures as a new tool for cancer drug discovery. Notable achievements include his early work identifying BRAF as a human cancer gene, studies leading to the clinical evaluation of PARP inhibitors for Ewing’s sarcoma patients, and the identification of Werner helicase as a synthetic-lethal dependency in cancer cells with deficient DNA repair. Furthermore, his laboratory has generated key therapeutics reference datasets which are widely used by the research community and hosts three leading therapeutics web resources that are accessed by thousands of scientists every week.

Mathew is a member of the scientific leadership team for the Open Targets, which aims to use genome-scale experiments and analysis to evaluate new therapeutic targets, and a former member of the Cancer Research UK drug discovery small molecule expert review panel.

Dr Adrian Ibrahim, CEO and COO, Mosaic Therapeutics

Adrian Ibrahim, Ph.D. MBA ARCS

Adrian brings to MOSAIC a diverse background spanning academic research, structured finance, and technology protection, development and commercialisation, and has over 20 years of experience in translating technologies in the fields of cancer and genomics. He is also Head of Technology Translation and Business Development at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. In this role, Adrian oversaw the establishment of Open Targets as a multi-million-pound target validation consortium, executed numerous significant licensing deals and collaborations, and spun out companies in the fields of rare disease analytics, microbiome therapeutics, and cancer genomics. Adrian is also the inaugural chair of the BioIndustry Association Genomics Advisory Committee that informs national policy on developing the UK genomics sector.

Emile Voest, Ph.D. MD

Emile was recently proposed as an Independent Director for the Sanofi Board. He is currently director of Cancer Core Europe, a collaboration of seven top comprehensive cancer centers in Europe, and was Executive Medical Director of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) until 2021. He is a Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Utrecht (UMC) since 1999 and leads his research group at the NKI and Oncode Institute. He has founded and leads several innovative precision medicine initiatives in oncology. He is co-founder and non-executive board member of the Hartwig Medical Foundation (large scale DNA analyses) and is a board member of the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment and leads several innovative precision oncology clinical trials. Over the last years, he also played several leadership roles in medical societies such as ESMO and ASCO.


With investment from Innovate UK, MOSAIC is able to develop a world-leading target identification and prioritisation capability based upon patient-derived WGS-characterised cellular models, synthetic lethal CRISPR screens, and cutting-edge analytics. MOSAIC is also supported by the Wellcome Sanger Institute – a world-leading genomics research institute with deep expertise in large-scale cancer genomics and informatics studies. Our team benefits from access to the Institute’s uniquely large organoid collection, facilities, large-scale screening and world-class compute infrastructure. No other known companies currently bring together the capabilities and state-of-the-art methods that MOSAIC offers.

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