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MOSAIC'S Unique Approach

We are a cancer drug discovery company disrupting the traditional way of treating cancers based upon their tissue of origin – a paradigm that fails most patients.

Our unique approach is rooted in the science of the cancer itself. Changes in the DNA of a cancer cell enable it to grow unchecked, but at the cost of creating weaknesses which can be targeted.

Our next-generation tumour systems, genetic tools and massive datasets, combined with the power of genomics and AI, enable us to identify and exploit cancer’s vulnerabilities.

But not all cancers are the same. Our platforms enable us to select the best targets for drug development with an understanding of which individual patients will respond.

This is the cutting edge of precision healthcare.

Our Science

Our Approach

We unmask weaknesses in cancer cells that can be targeted to make effective medicines in genetically-defined patient groups.

Our Unique Platform

Using genome-scale CRISPR perturbations in tumour organoid models paired with our industry-validated PRIME computational platform gives us deep knowledge to deliver innovative new therapies.

The PRIME Computational Platform

The PRIME computational platform is an industry- validated proprietary analysis pipeline for cancer drug discovery driven by the power of large-scale genomics and AI.

Functional Genomics in Advanced Cancer Models

We use genome-scale CRISPR perturbations to reveal synthetic-lethal tumour cell vulnerabilities and interactions with the immune system using next-generation organoid models.


With a combined expertise of 40 years across cancer genomics, translational research, therapeutics, academia, business leadership, finance, innovation, technology development, commercialisation and protection, MOSAIC’s founding team are highly mission-driven individuals who have dedicated their careers to helping create societal benefit through improved healthcare for every cancer patient.

Dr Mathew Garnett, CSO, Mosaic Therapeutics


Dr Adrian Ibrahim, CEO and COO, Mosaic Therapeutics



MOSAIC operates across a variety of biological fields such as synthetic-lethality, DNA damage response, cell death signalling, and immune oncology. We are seeking strategic partnerships that will facilitate rapid uptake of novel targets into drug discovery programmes.

Our capabilities are based on a unique dual technology platform of experimental CRISPR gene-editing in next-generation tumour organoid models and advanced machine-learning and statistical algorithms to selectively identify and exploit the vulnerabilities of different types of cancers. This end-to-end capability gives us a deep knowledge of how to integrate functional and genomic datasets to deliver innovative new therapies.


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  • Photo of Dr. Emile Voest

    Dr. Emile Voest proposed as an Independent Director to Sanofi’s Board

    Image courtesy of The Netherlands Cancer Institute Sanofi’s Board of Directors proposes the appointment of Emile Voest and two others as independent Directors. Emile Voest is one of MOSAIC TX’s founding advisors, currently serving as director of Cancer Core Europe– a collaboration of 7 leading cancer centres in Europe, and was Executive Medical Director of...
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  • Dr. Mathew Garnett publishes a new resource to empower precision oncology

    Dr. Mathew Garnett publishes a new resource to empower precision oncology

    In a recent Nature paper (23 February, 2022) Dr. Mathew Garnett, and colleagues from the Wellcome Sanger Institute unveil the world’s largest novel resource of possible new drug combinations that could represent effective therapies for some types of hard-to-treat cancers. Scientists hope that this new data will help future clinical development of combination therapies, that...
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  • MOSAIC welcomes three new team members

    We are very excited to welcome Jose, Adam, and James to our multidisciplinary team who have joined us recently and who will be instrumental in enhancing and guiding MOSAIC’s drug discovery activities. They bring with them a diverse mix of skills and will be applying innovative data science solutions to a range of drug discovery...
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  • Help us change the odd on cancer

    Can you help us to change cancer outcomes?

    Cancer is a leading cause of death reducing life expectancy in every country of the world. According to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019, cancer is the first or second leading cause of death before the age of 70 years in 112 of 183 countries and ranks third or fourth in a further 23 countries....
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  • Daniel Zerbino joins MOSAIC TX as Head of Data Science

    MOSAIC welcomes Daniel Zerbino, Head of Data Science

    Over the last few months, there has been a lot of activity at MOSAIC TX and we’re delighted to announce the arrival of our first team member Daniel Zerbino who is Head of Data Science. Daniel will have responsibility for leading the data science team within MOSAIC and is joining us from the European Bioinformatics...
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  • Werner helicase colorectal cancer research

    Dr. Mathew Garnett, will be presenting his work on targeting Werner helicase at the 2021 AACR annual meeting

    Work from the laboratory of Dr. Mathew Garnett recently identified Werner helicase as a synthetic-lethal target in cancers which are deficient in DNA mismatch repair.  During the AACR annual meeting, Dr. Garnett will present his recent findings, that help to refine our molecular understanding of Werner synthetic-lethality and demonstrating that Werner is a candidate target...
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